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Founded in 2009 Federal Defense Solutions is an 8a Minority Owned Small Business offering leading solutions around Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, and Data Center Infrastructure. Our customer relationships in the Civilian and Defense segments of the Federal Government give us a unique understanding of the mission and allow us to recommend marking leading solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Mission is to be your core partner in Information Technology. We do that by developing beneficial, long-term partnerships with our clients that are built on trust, respect, professionalism, and shared knowledge. We help to bring in solutions and expertise we have seen and deployed with our clients both in and out of the Federal market space.


Defense Solutions’ in depth knowledge of Government’s Information Technology environments and policy requirements allow us to help agencies meet the demand and performance requirements facing the changing landscape of the government. Our robust partnership with industry’s leading technology vendors and a technically focused solution selling staff coupled with our GSA schedule and other contracts provide a unique position for Federal Defense to help the Government engineer a best of bread solution from the ground up.


Data Center Infrastructure

Solutions to maintain your organizations data infrastructure are constantly evolving and changing with the technology. Federal Defense Solutions’ goal is to provide a technical partner that can help you evaluate your needs and compare them with the cutting edge technology providers.

Cyber Security

Securing your organization is a constant battle. As technologies and techniques the attackers’ use change so should your security architecture. Next generation Firewall and solutions to intercept and inspect encrypted traffic are now becoming standard in the Federal and Fortune markets. Federal Defense Solutions is continuing to look for new and marketing leading technologies, most recently we have brought big data analytics and user behavior analytics into our security offerings to continue to lead in Cyber Security.

Threat Intelligence

With all of the noisy tools that existed today understanding what is happening on your network has become more than just looking a tools dashboard and fixing and alert. You need solution to bring all the information together and provide actionable Intelligence you can apply to make mission decisions. Federal Defense Solutions has worked with many of our customer to provide just that; context around the hundreds and thousands of alerts you get in a day.


Federal Defense Solutions has been focused on providing solutions to the Federal Government and Fortune customer for over the past 7 years. During this time we have working to solidify our relationship, achieve our 8a certification, and publish a GSA schedule. We didn’t do this by ourselves, we did this with the help and commitment from our customer. We are proud to have conducted business with so many great Departments and Agencies.

Some of our key customers include:

United States Marine Corps
United States Army
United States Navy
United States Air Force
United States Coast Guard

United States State Department
United States Department of Agriculture
Department of Homeland Security
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman

United States Patent & Trademark Office
Federal Emergency Management Agency
United States Veteran’s Administration
Numerous State & Local Governments


Federal Defense Solutions offers only the absolute highest standards to our clients.  Because of this, we only partner with the best.


Contact Federal Defense Solutions at 703.625.9370 or visit our website at www.feddef.com for more information.

Federal Defense Solutions is an 8A Minority Owned Small Business.

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